Nita Bowerman is a multidisciplinary performance-based artist. An actor, dancer and media artist, she prolifically creates short experimental movement videos which she publishes at and on Instagram. Nita typically uses ubiquitous technologies, such as a smart phone and apps, to craft her digital artworks published to online media sites. Increasingly her self-created performances are hybrid works mixing live action with digital content. Alongside her performance work, Nita has been emerging into the field of projection design, mentoring under media artist Sammy Chien and learning to design with Isadora software. Nita is also a wearable art maker, focusing on using unconventional, often recycled, materials. Recently Nita attended Semana Internacional in Cartagena, Colombia, where she lectured and led workshops related to her art practice. Nita is a graduate of SFU Contemporary Arts.

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